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Divine Kreations is a Holistic Healing company that serves the soul purpose of awakening your inner essence to shine your light on others. The goal is to uplift, and bring awareness to the wonderful experiences that can happen when you open up to your own world. Our intention is to both challenge and guide clients and students to open up to their true essence by encouraging flexibility, strength, and alignment in their bodies and in all aspects of their spiritual journey, bringing them out of their comfort zone and into their full being. We aim to support our community on their own journeys towards peace, acceptance , compassion, contentment, and a deeper awareness, connecting body, mind, and spirit. We all come with experiences, biases, and perspectives that shape our beliefs and spirit. We are all meant to be stars and come into the true abundance that is our birth right. This community will help you to learn yourself better than you ever have before! So are you ready to take that leap of faith into the uniqueness of your own essence? Book with Divine Kreations today and make the conscious decision to take control over your life!

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Our Clients Say

Erica Review.png
"The vibe is always there when I see him & it’s always the smiles that keep me going and when it comes to my reading . This isn’t the first one he has done & it definitely won’t be the last . He hit everything on the head & im beyond thankful . To hear it LOUD & clear on everything I have to do to succeed in LIFE! Nothing but the truth ! Have to stop holding on to the past and focus on ME ! I LOVEEEEEE THE FACT THAT EVERYTHING WAS ON POINT ! & I just love you . Thank You Sugaaaa !"

Erica Adkins

Camilllleeee P.png
"The fact that I didn’t tell him  anything about anything blew my mind! He hit the nail on the head in every aspect. His energy was everything and it definitely transferred to me. I can honestly say I left with a peace of mind of how to handle things going forward. He said shine like the star I am, but I want to thank you for shining like the star you are!"

Camille Porter


I had a great experience with Divine Kreations! Learned so much about myself! 10/10 for sure! I got a lot of shadow work done in the program/classes. So grateful for that, thank youuuuuuuu!

Can’t wait to get my membership!!!!

Iyonna Eppes

On 10/20 /2022 I was gifted a birthday reading. It was truly mind blowing heart fluttering. He was on point in so many areas of my life. Everything he said had displayed. I hated to cry but my tears wouldn't stop even after the reading was over. He felt my entire heart he even told me so much about the other party. These things had already intuitively been shown to me but he helped me to understand that great things are on the way. He encouraged me to be patient and let go of control issues and allow things to flow. I recommend you get your reading he is so accurate.

La'Nese Wilson

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